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Author Topic: Need guidance, hacking "Resource" display pop-up.  (Read 1348 times)

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« on: April 14, 2019, 11:13:49 AM »

I'm evaluating Booked for managing 20+ computers (resources) in a lab.

In addition to listing and scheduling resources,
I'd like Booked to integrate "status" information,
where the displayed information is derived dynamically.

I don't see any existing support for this in Booked.
I might try hacking support for this myself.
Suggestions from gurus would be greatly appreciated.
I don't have any experience with PHP or web application
development, but do have skills with Linux, C, and C++.

My plan: display additional information, when hovering over a resource
"name" on various pages (Dashboard, Schedule > Bookings, etc.).
The pop-up would need another text area (below "Resource Type"?).

Text content is the standard output of a command executed via SSH.

Executable details are configured by the admin for each resource.
This includes the remote host name and command to be executed.

For my purposes, the command would output a list of logged
in users, the load average, up-time, or other information.

If SSH or the command fails, an error message should be displayed.

This functionality would allow my users to see scheduled
AND ACTUAL usage in one tool, with minimal inconvenience
(walking to the lab, using another tool/login, etc.).
They might jump on idle resources, at the risk of being bumped,
by scheduled users that show up late (or not at all).

This enhancement concept might benefit other users of Booked.
For example, the command might use GPS to display the current
location of mobile equipment that is being managed (where
did the last user park that vehicle?  Where are the people
now, that missed their last safety-check-in?).

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance... -Randy
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