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 on: Today at 03:23:20 AM 
Started by faizaldd - Last post by faizaldd
I am running the software on a system that has no internet connection. However the display was not right and the menu bar was not visible. Does the application call a script from the internet for the display UI? If yes how can I run the software on a system that has no internet.

 on: February 19, 2017, 05:06:08 PM 
Started by DamJensen - Last post by organized_john
Thanks for posting this! It's really helpful content. Smiley

 on: February 19, 2017, 05:02:53 PM 
Started by cgrove46 - Last post by organized_john
Sorry that I reply so long after posting of this message but you should look for work-social media like LinkedIn. I am from Poland but I live in UK - there is a lot of polish IT specialists.

 on: February 18, 2017, 07:08:50 PM 
Started by Alecardo - Last post by ringner

I've just upgraded to 2.6.5, and this plugin stopped working:

Fatal error: Declaration of MinimumCancellationValidation::Validate() must be compatible with IReservationValidationService::Validate($series, $retryParameters = NULL) in /public_html/plugins/PreReservation/MinimumCancellation2/MinimumCancellation2.php on line 118

Anyone has a solution? Or at least a clue?


 on: February 18, 2017, 01:35:34 PM 
Started by vincent1288 - Last post by TechCoder
1. in 'users' table, select the user you want to change.

2. click 'Edit' (going into the user data - this is the only way I know it to work)

3. at 'password', under Functions, select 'MD5'

4. type your password (plain text so you can see - and remember it! Smiley in the 'Value'

5. click 'Go' - you're done!

not required, but not a bad idea (certainly if it is possible that the data was compromised) is to change the 'salt' - this is a bit tricky for a novice, but possible (there's some easy-to-use software in booked, but I don't recall where it is right now.... - likely in User or more likely in a Password class).  If you just change numbers/letters up/down by 1 it is normally ok (remember this is HEX so keep under 'f') - and be sure to use the same capitalization, you should be fine.

As with any database-direct mods, it is a good idea to have a backup (and know how to restore it!).

And, as always, you assume all risk of following my instructions about doing database-direct mods!   Shocked  (even though these steps have worked for me, no promises! Smiley

 on: February 18, 2017, 01:35:30 PM 
Started by vincent1288 - Last post by fzobitz
Use phpadmin to go to the user table and ensure the email address to the account is correct.  Then use the forgot password link on the login screen.

 on: February 17, 2017, 09:26:29 PM 
Started by vincent1288 - Last post by vincent1288
Hi Everyone,

I have booked scheduler installed and I forgot my password, is there a way to change my password from phpmyadmin?

I tried to change the password from user section, but it didn't work or I must be doing something wrong.

can someone gave me a step by step?

Thanks in advance

 on: February 17, 2017, 05:48:57 PM 
Started by vorlon77 - Last post by vorlon77
I'm trying to use the Saml plugin with version 2.6.5. I've turned on logging and the authentication seems to work properly but when it tries to display the dashboard page it is no longer logged in which causes looping.  Any ideas where to look?

In trying to sort things out, I tried adding Log::Debug statements to Server::SetUserSession which works but if I add one to Server::GetUserSession it crashes.

 on: February 17, 2017, 01:39:58 PM 
Started by pablouy - Last post by almaqdad
Same here. Why the guest not receiving email while adding them to reservation!!?

 on: February 17, 2017, 12:46:41 AM 
Started by dadstiac - Last post by TechCoder
"a drop down list to choose from some custom emails to send out" - does that mean an email address, or email body/text?  If it is the email addresses, you can make a dropdown in booked now (though it won't send to them - yet..... - see below, though! Smiley

To send to an email address typed into a particular custom attribute is a perfect 'task' for a plugin (something we do for clients all the time) - any sort of 'look at the attribute and do something "special" with it that booked would never build in to the main line' is just what plugins are all about.

If I'm understanding you right, what you want is actually TWO custom attributes to do the 'special' thing - one, you type the email address you want it to go to, the second selects the 'text' of the email (which may include the SUBJECT as well as the BODY of the email - and, since it is custom, you could also have it set a particular FROM address if you wanted - i.e., anything about the email could be customized...)

We would be happy to build a plugin for you - we just need to be very clear on what you are looking for and what you expect it to do (I'm fairly clear, but as stated above, not sure which way you want things to work) - we'll work through all that, though, should you want us to do the work.

You can contact me through our Help Desk - - that is the best way to get started.  You can refer to this post/thread and we'll get you details of time and cost estimates, etc.
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