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Title: auto query and display of computer resource status.
Post by: rselzler3 on April 12, 2019, 10:44:42 AM
I'm evaluating Booked for managing 20+ computer resources in a lab.

In addition to scheduling and displaying resources,
I'd like Booked to integrate computer "status" information.

For example, each "resource" (Linux computer) would have a name/IP.
Booked would query the remote system every 5 minutes
to determine who is actually logged in, load average, etc.
I'd like Booked to display the most recent status,
along with the schedule, for each resource/computer.

This functionality would allow users to see scheduled
AND ACTUAL usage in one place, without walking to the lab.
They might use idle resources, at the risk of being bumped,
by someone that officially scheduled resources.

I doubt that Booked supports this already.
Our support staff might hack Booked as needed,
and might contribute it back to the project.

Question: does this sound reasonable/do-able?

Question: has anyone actually done something like this?

Perhaps an "autostatus.php" might be created (similar to auto release)
to query remote computers and cache the results.

Perhaps an existing module for schedule display could be hacked,
to show the cached status information.

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance... -Randy

Title: Re: auto query and display of computer resource status.
Post by: TechCoder on April 17, 2019, 10:40:56 AM
We do similar things like this for clients now/then...... (though, we don't "hack"..... :))

Moderately simple to do in Booked, using Custom Attributes with a 'monitor' program to check various external statuses and such.

Should you need assistance developing such a program, we are available to help (or build it for you!) - to open a ticket for discussion of specs and time/cost estimates.